Lost and Found

filed under: lifestyle

Typically when Dan and I move we take only that which we can fit into our two cars. We start with the must-haves: pots and pans, underwear, Coda… and move on to the nice-to-haves: vases, pictures, maybe a plant or two. When we get to our new apartment we unpack, make a quick trip to the nearest grocery store, and try to feel sincere as we collapse into our rented bed saying, “Home, sweet home.”

We’ve been in San Diego for a little over two months now, but I am still hopeless to find my way around without my GPS. The other day I got lost while driving and unexpectedely came upon Mission San Diego de Alcala, the oldest mission in the area. Excited by the beautiful exterior, I parked, grabbed my camera from the trunk and started clicking away.

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